Schweitzer Sports: Our Family


Zane Schweitzer

Zane has been a waterman since birth. When he’s not surfing, Zane might be gliding through the wind kitesurfing or windsurfing, fishing with his father, diving, or training by paddling, swimming or body surfing. Zane is also an avid Dirt Bike Racer and loves spending time flying through the Mountains with his Dad and his brother, Matty. 

Zane has been fortunate enough to travel and compete all around the world. At the early age of only 11 years old, Zane was already competing internationally and hasn’t stopped since. He has been around the globe quite a few times by now and always has fun doing the multitude of sports that he loves every where he goes. 

Zane's focus on his goals became more refined. While still holding his reputation of being a true entertainer and all around personality, Zane became 100% focused on achieving his dreams of being known as a waterman and world champ. He spent just as much time having fun, giving back to his community, being active in Standup for the CURE and hosting InZane SUPer Grom clinics - but somehow made the time to start training, REALLY training. Zane is only now starting to scratch the surface of what he aims to conquer.

Zane is the 2016 ISA World Champion in Sup Surfing, after  just missing out on the title of the Stand Up World Champion in 2015 SUP surfing, taking a respectiable 2nd place in the World. But that did not satisfy Zane, it fired him up and made him train even harder for 2016. Zane has already had the best year of his career securing his 4th consecutive Overall World Championship win at the "Master of the Ocean" event and just weeks later taking the overall win for the second year in a row at RedBull's prestigious "Ultimate Waterman" Event in 2016 and 2017. Between these two events, (competing in Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Racing, OC1 Canoe, Longboard surfing, Prone Paddle boarding & swimming) Zane is one of the best Waterman in the World! His grandparents invented the sport of Windsurfing, his parents were both world champions & Zane is now the 3rd generation Waterman pioneering his own path!


Shelby Schweitzer

Shelby grew up in a family of water lovers so it is no wonder that from a young age she embraced the power of the waves. At 23 years old she is a top ranked surfer. She is a two time USA National Champion in both Surf and Sup and is a former Hawaii State Champion. Shelby has competed at the National Championships the last six years in a row at both the prestigious NSSA Nationals and Surfing America Championships.

She has also volunteered her time at Paskowitz Surf Camps in La Jolla teaching autistic children the art of surfing and body boarding, and she will be part of the Stand Up for the Cure Schweitzer Sports Clinic in Newport Beach in May. There she will be teaching women how to use stand up paddling as a rehabilitative recovery program for breast cancer survivors.

Shelby specializes in teaching young girls to learn to surf and stand-up, and has held a number of kids clinics just for girls aged 8-12. Shelby lives to share her passions with others, so come to Maui and share in her Aloha!

Matty Schweitzer

Matty has been living, eating and breathing action sports since the day he was born. Being born & raised on the beautiful Island of Maui Hawai'i, he started Surfing before he could walk, dirt biking by the age 4 and was the first ever 3rd generation windsurfer. His Grandparents invented the sport of Windsurfing, his Father was 18X World Champion & everyone in his family either has been, or still is an aspiring Pro Athlete. "As a child,  I couldn't help but take advantage of the environment that surrounded me everyday and the world-class surf that existed in my front yard." When he was 17 years old he was involved in a very serious motocross accident that left him in wheelchair for over a year. "I had almost lost my left leg and was faced with one of the biggest crossroads of my life. Instead of continuing my career path towards becoming a pro athlete, I decided to enroll in College and begin a whole new life journey. I studied Sports Management & Event Management, and decided to learn everything I could about Sports from a whole new perspective."

After College he traveled home and immediately began filming and documenting his brother Zane as he was quickly becoming a pioneer in the sport of windsurfing and stand-up paddling.

"Traveling around the world as one of the main photographers/videographers for companies such as Starboard  the Waterman League, the Ultimate SUP Showdown, CBS Sports Network & Xterra TV,  I have had extensive experience and knowledge of photographing and filming from many different parts of the globe. From extreme sports to portraits, stunning scenery, ad campaigns, product advertisement, etc. I have covered a lot of ground when it comes to experience in many different fields of photography and video"  Matty is considered to be one of the best action sports drone videographers in the world and the Team Hawaii coach to four World Champions Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Mo Freitas and Zane Schweitzer to name a few.  And now you can learn from his experience too.

Many of his photographs have been featured in magazines such as Sup World, Stand Up Journal, SUP the mag, FREESURF, and as well as over 25 international magazines worldwide. His videos have upwards of 1/2 Million views and have been featured on news stations and surf channels around the world.

Visit his webiste here


Matt schweitzer

Matt Schweitzer is one of the most accomplished watermen of his generation. He won his first World Championship Windsurfing title at the young age of 16. Since then he has earned a total of 18 World Championship Windsurfing titles. Matt has graced the covers of just about every windsurfing magazine published and has traveled the world over the last 30 years promoting the sport of windsurfing. He, and his parents, literally taught the world to windsurf. His father, Hoyle Schweitzer, invented windsurfing, owned the Windsurfer brand and published Windsurf magazine in the US.

Now, he and his family are teaching people to enjoy the ocean right on Maui. He is on the water daily enjoying diving, fishing, surfing, stand up paddling, windsurfing or just taking his guests out on his boat for a whale watch or a snorkel. No one knows Maui better than Matt and his family and they want to share it with you!



Shawneen Schweitzer has been a pioneer in the water sports industry for over 3 decades. In her early 20's she competed around the world as a top athlete in the Windsurfing Industry and won multiple National titles and awards. In 1985 while touring the world as a professional windsurfer, she met a fellow athlete Matt Schweitzer, whom she married and had three beautiful children with. Her life is in the Ocean! Raising three children along side her 18 time world champion windsurfer husband Matt Schweitzer, she is a staple in the Water Sports Industry. Hosting multiple surf contests, fundraisers, Kids Clinics, SUP races and events on Maui, she is best known as the "ultimate surf mom". 

One of her greatest accomplishments to date has been her role as co-founder of Stand Up for the Cure, a non-profit organization that supports breast & skin cancer survivors. Along with her partners, Judy Vivian and Dan Van Dyke, she has raised over $1 million for the cause and helped countless people catch potential cancer cases by offering free mammograms and their events.