About Maui Sports Adventures

Extreme SUP in Maui

Extreme SUP in Maui

Maui Sports Adventures provides stand-up-paddle (SUP), surf and windsurf lessons for family, group and individual visitors to the magic island of Maui. Our instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, professional athletes that get folks of any ability level in the water and having fun.

Maui Sports Adventures also offers guided tours of the beautiful Maui coastline. SUP down the coast or participate in a windsurfing down-winder.

SUP Lessons in Maui

SUP Lessons in Maui

For the skilled waterperson, Maui Sports Adventures has all the latest gear available right here in Maui. Rent SUP boards and paddles, long surfboards, shortboards or windsurfing boards and rigs.

Maui Sports Adventures has professional photographers and videographers available to document your Maui water sports vacation. Bring home bragging-rights photos to show off to friends and family, or analyze your technique to improve your style.

Maui is the place for unforgettable water sports adventures.

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